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Human Rights Defender Tonkacheva Ordered To Leave Belarus

Today the Pershamayski District Police department in Minsk handed to human rights defender Yelena Tonkacheva a formal decision to nullify her residence permit in Belarus.

Tonkacheva told journalists she is going to appeal the decision in court.

According to the decision, she has to leave Belarus within a month with no right of returning for the next three years.

Yelena Tonkacheva, who works for the human rights organization Center for Legal Transformation, has been residing in Belarus for the past 30 years.

The Belarusian authorities used a minor offence of exceeding the speed limit by Tonkacheva while driving her car as a reason to begin the cancellation process of her residence permit in Belarus.

“I can recall no such funny justification for expulsion even in the Soviet era,” commented Tonkacheva on her situation. She does not have any residence registration in the Russian Federation, where she has official citizenship, and her daughter is a citizen of Belarus.

Tonkacheva is expected to hold a news conference on November 6.

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