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Small Protest Staged in Minsk After Presidential Polls

Belarus - Protest action against falsifications after Presidential election at Kastrychnitskaja Ploshcha, MInsk, 11Oct2015

Several dozen people gathered on October Square in Minsk on October 11 to protest the way the authorities conducted the presidential election.

The protest, which began after presidential polls were closed in Belarus at 8 p.m., seems to be a spontaneous action as no opposition party has called for any such gathering. On the contrary, opposition leader Mikalay Statkevich during an opposition march in Minsk on October 10 announced that he sees no sense in demonstrating on October Square on the election day. Statkevich explained that people in Belarus are intimidated and attendance will be rather poor.

Ігар Лосік Кацярына Андрэева Дар'я Чульцова Марына Золатава Ягор Марціновіч