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Activist Discovers ‘Extra Ballots’ at Polling Station in Vitsebsk

Pavеl Levinau

The election commission at polling station number 61 in Vitsebsk changed the number of ballots received for voting in the ongoing presidential polls by adding 100 more items in its official record.

Human rights activist Pavel Levinau took pictures of the commission official record late on October 6 and early on October 7 and found that the numbers in both cases were different.

«On the evening of October 6 at polling station number 61, after the first day of early voting, there were 2050 ballots received by the commission, as stated in the official record. Well, I took a picture of it! On the morning of October 7, at the start of the second day of early voting, the record was changed — the number of ballots was listed as 2150,» Levinau told RFE/RL’s Belarus Service.

The activist added that, in view of past election practices in Belarus, he has not even tried to ask for an explanation of this fact.

«What could they tell me? That they made a mistake in counting the ballots? Or they made a mistake in writing the number? And they tell us they include the most experienced, competent, attentive and conscientious people in the commission! I, for instance, have never been included in any election commission — because they know that I am not going to rewrite commission records and sign them,» Levinau said.

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